A pupil’s name will go onto the Honours Board for the following academic achievements:
- English, Portuguese, Mathematics, Content Subjects (History, Geography & Science), Bonds, Tables and Spelling

Academic YearPupil's nameAchievement
2016-17Giorgia Catania
2016-17Leonor de Franca
2016-17 Luis Evangelista
2016-17Renata Evangelista
2016-17Nico Hanna
2016'17Nina Loja Teixeira
2014-15Ema FigueiraSoletrar, Science, Geography
2014-15Henrique AbreuScience, Soletrar
Ilaria Catania
History, Geography, Science, Loletrar, Spelling
Martim de França
Portuguese A, English A, Maths A, Science, Solitrar
2014-15Constança SampaioEnglish A, Portuguese A, Matemática A, History, Geography, Science, Bonds, Tables, Spelling, Solitrar 
2013-14Amira OstalskiEnglish A+, Spelling, History, Geography, Science
2013-14Mafalda VieiraEnglish A, Português A, Bonds
2012-13Clara VasconcelosEnglish A, Português A, Matemática A, History, Geography, Science, Spelling, Maths, Bonds, Tables, Soletrar 
2012-13Martim NobregaMatemática A+, Bonds, Tables
2012-13Amelie AbreuEnglish A, Português A
2012-13Matias Loja TeixeiraPortuguês A, History, Geography, Science
2011-12António CairesPortuguês A, Matemática A, History, Spelling  
2011-12Leonor SampaioPortuguês A, History, Spelling
2011-12Luís Miguel FreitasPortuguês A, English A, History, Spelling
2010-11Hugo GonçalvesSpelling
2010-11Luisa FernandesSpelling
2009-10Sara QuintasPortuguês A, Maths A, Bonds, History
2009-10Diogo CairesPortuguês A, Maths A, History, Science
2008-09Sofia VasconcelosEnglish A, Português A, History, Geography, Science
2008-09Jordan van der GaagEnglish A, History, Geography
2008-09Matilde FreitasHistory, Geography, Science
2008-09Eva FernandesBonds, Geography
2007-08Laura SilvaEnglish A, Português A, History, Geography, Science
2007-08Rita FernandesHistory, Geography
2007-08Beatriz FrancoGeography
2007-08Luisa CostaBonds, History, Geography
2007-08Clara BrancoGeography
2006-07Matilde Caires SilvaGeography
2006-07Maria Pia AraújoBonds, Geography
2006-07Tomás SilvaBonds
2006-07Quinty van der GaagSpelling, History, Geography, Science
2006-07Deandra de FreitasBonds, Spelling, History, Geography, Science
2005-06Inês QuintasBonds, Tables, History, Geography, Science
2001-02Carolina SilvaBonds, Tables
1998-99Nicolas VieiraBonds, Tables
1998-99Kyle McCorkindaleBonds, Tables