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We have had a wonderful year of hard work, great results and lots of fun and games.

Some of our achievements and results have been the best in 20 years, since the school started. Luis Evangelista deserves special mention because he has consistently been able to answer between 50 and 65 Bonds and Tables per minute, which has been the best in my 51 years of teaching. We have had averages of over 90% in many examination subjects as well as accumulative marks for various subjects. See the Honours Board for details.

Every morning we have had Wake-up Shake-up with music on the playground from 8 to 8h30.

Once again Pao por Deus was well supported in October. See Our Charity on the menu.

Our Christmas Carols Concert was beautifully celebrated in the historic Santa Clara church.

Our Grandparents Morning Tea was also a great success with singing and much bonding with the grandchildren during a quiz.

All our Dads arrived for the Fathers Day Breakfast and games in March, and then all our mothers participated with great enthusiasm at the the Mothers Day breakfast and games in May. Lovely works of Art and Craft were handed to the parents.

Childrens Day was celebrated over two days with Scrabble, Boggle, Chess and Tile Rummy played in stead of class work for 2 hours on the first day. This was followed by a music festival in the Municipal Gardens where our children sang On Top Of The World. The following day mothers surprised everyone with pizzas, brownies and ice cream for lunch followed by balloons floating from above after the Mystery Reader.

Our next event will be the Graduation. Most of the children leaving after the graduation on 23 June this year, will have been with us at the International School of Madeira since between the ages of six months and one year. They are now 9 and 10-year-olds. They have groown so beautifully and we will miss them deeply.

Completely absorbed during Accelerated Reading
Looking for information to answer comprehension questions

Accelerated Reading is very popular amongst our pupils.

Christmas Carols

Our Christmas Carols Fashion Show was a roaring success! We had to bring in extra chairs for spectators.

The catering done by parents after the show was also greatly appreciated by all present.

Congratulations to the staff and parents.

Thank you to the Santa Clara for all their co-operation.

Fun Morning for Grandparents

The quizz

                                         Mums, Dads & Grandparents came to tea during our Pão por Deus ceremony. This was followed by a team quizz where grands and grandchildren helped each other. 

Christmas Carols and Fashion Show

On Saturday, 1 December we celebrated an early Christmas with Carols and a Children's Fashion Show, produced entirely by our children. They sang, danced, parades on the cat-walk and performed on the stage of Santa Clara Convent Hall in Calçada do Santa Clara. After the show there were snacks and drinks served in the cloister. Tickets are 5 Euros per person. Special prices for past pupil and children from other schools. Check with the office: 965074322. We raised funds for the Inner Wheel Children's Charity as well as for EIM equipment.

The items on the programme were as follows:

Flower Festival; Sleep wear; Winter; Carnival complete with a great display of the Samba! (taught by our professional dancing teacher, Peter Moore); Flores de Cereja (designed and made entirely by Carlota Olim, one of our staff members); Sports wear; Ballet with a delightful dance taught by a private ballet teacher, Vanesa Fernandes; Prince and Princesses; All I want for Christmas are my two Front Teeth; Jingle Bell Rock (taught to the Preps by our Rhythm Dance teacher, Joaõ Loureiro; The Wedding; Christmas Nativity scene followed by Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer and Father Christmas.

Our children gave all the toys they brought for the poor children, to Father Christmas to distribute, as he flies around the world on Christmas Eve! Our children ranged from 2 years to 9 years, the perfect time for the magic of Christmas. 

All families past and present were welcome. 



Our Pão por Deus event was graciously attended by the president of the Inner Wheel club of Madeira, Susana Cruz. Several of our pupils walked down to Santa Clara with Susana to deliver all their gifts and offerings which will  be distributed to those in need. After a halloween party in the attic cleverly arranged by Miss Carlota, the Primaries started their mid-term break.

The Primary pupils are back after the mid-term break, brimming and bubbling with all sorts of news about where they went and what they did during the week.

We also had our Individual Parent-Teacher meetings during last week and I'm pleased to report that 95% of our parents attended the meetings.

We invite a member of the community to talk to our children about under-privileged children. EIM children are then invited to share any of the goodies in their little Pão por Deus bags with the orphan children by putting their gifts into the various boxes (biscuits, fruit, nuts, sweets etc.) After some entertainment the visitor is given all the boxes to deliver to an orphanage or organisation of their choice.

Do have a look at "Our Charity" on this website for more detailed information.


We welcome Mrs Marthie Ferreira who joined out staff on Monday, 1 October. She is South African with British qualifications. 

On Tuesday, 18 September we will have our PTA meeting starting at 17h30 in the Assembly Room on the ground floor, near the front door.

All parents are cordially invited.


So what did the principal do during the Holidays?

I flew to India to visit my daughter, Catherine, son in law, Robin and the grandchildren, Jorge, Oscar, Juliete and Liliana in the southern state of Tamil Naidu. They say when one goes to India you come back changed. There is so much truth in that. I discovered that the Indians are the friendliest, kindest and most generous people that I have ever met. No alcohal may be sold in that state so you never have fighting or loud shouting or even loud speaking in public. Everyone is most polite from the lowest to the highest caste.

I visited two International Schools and one Indian School. One of those International Schools is considered to be one of the two best International schools in India. Children are sent to that boarding school from many other countries.

In all the schools the children were so well behaved and properly disciplined. As soon as I entered the classroom, they all stood up and greeted me with smiles on their faces. I felt so welcome. I looked at many of the text and exercise books, spoke to many of the teachers and the principals, and saw their weekly planners. Education truly takes top priority in India. It was a great priviledge for me to be there and learn about their passion, dedication and drive for education. Even on the school playgrounds there was no shouting, pushing or aggression.  

The teachers were all beautifully dressed in their sarees and choridars and they move around so graciously. I was invited to be the guest speaker at a Rotary meeting and larter invited to run a workshop for the Indian English teachers. My daughter, Catherine who has spent a few months in India contributed with her advice about pronunciation etc. The programme included the following:

1. Individualised group teaching and division of time

2. Oral (methods, inspiration and games)

3. Reading

4. Grammar

5. Comprehension - Blooms Taxonomy - Cognitive and Affective

6. Composition writing (ideas, books, various methods and types of writing)

7. Tips and ideas for Principals and Heads of departments.

There were 22 teachers from 9 different schools. Many of them gave me their email addresses because they want to stay in touch. Their energy, sense of fun, adventure and detemination to learn was such an inspiration to me. I was told that they raved about the workshop and wanted to have another one.

The rest of my time in India was spent with the grandchildren, eating the gorgeous food, walking around the Kodaikanal lake and meeting people at the library who introduced me to dozens of books about Indian history, culture and society. 


On Monday, 3 September our Interntational Boutique Crèche re-opened with Miss Rita and Miss Rosa in attendance. All the other teachers arrived looking very happy to see each other again after the holidays. Our Portuguese teachers Prof Leonor and Prof Carla popped in to say hello. Mrs Pinto, starts her eleventh year at EIM, Miss Jenny her seventh year, Miss Carlota is one of our newer teachers who has been teaching computers and starts her third year at EIM. Miss Tania is away on maternity leave and will be joining us in October when Miss Jenny goes on maternity leave! Our new Pre-school teacher Mrs Marthie Ferreira is recovering from falling off a ladder with a knee injury. We wish her a speedy recovery and "as melhores".

On Tuesday the Pre-school re-opened with great excitement on the faces of the children. Today, 5 September our Primary pupils started the 2012-2013 academic year. It has been great fun to listen to all the holiday stories and to see the youthful enthusiasm of the start to the new school year.

We will be offering French classes and Catechism classes, JamKids and Supervised Homework, as well as After-care and swimming classes this year. 

Graduation Valedictory Mass

On Friday, 26 June we celebrated our Graduation Valedictory Mass in the Chapel of Santa Clara. Mass was celebrated in both English and Portuguese. From parents to great-grandparents, godparents to friends, relations and past pupils were present. The children sang beautifully and behaved very well. Lauren Leach sang "Slipping through my Fingers" and "Memories" and yes, she brought us all to tears! It was indeed a very emotional occasion. Some of the garaduands had been with us for six years , from the age of four, and others for seven years, from the age of three. During the graduation the background music was "Time to say good-bye" - Andrea Boccelli.It was not easy to say good-bye. After Mass the Primary 4 parents offered everyone some cake and drinks in the cloister.

29 June 2009

Graduation Valedictory Mass

On 26 June we will celebrate our Graduation Valedictory Mass in the beautiful, historical church of Santa Clara, two doors down the road from our school. The Catholic priest will be accompanied by the Rev. Neil Dawson who is the Anglican minister. The hymns of the Mass will be sung by the children of EIM in both Portuguese and English. All parents, friends and relations, as well as the public are most welcome to attend. "Memories" will be sung by the lovely musical voice of the undiscovered Lauren Leach.

14 June 2009

Sports Day report

Our Sports Day has been a great success. The atmosphere vibrated with the enthusiastic participation and chanting of the children. The Primary 4s cut out the blue and red flags which decorated the sides of the field, while music added to the fun of the day. It was attendad by all the parents, some grandparents and past pupils as well as friends. The weather was absolutely perfect for the event and we thank the Anglican minister, Rev. Neil, for allowing is to use the grounds. We are also most grateful to Gina Leach for lending us a loud-speaker system. The best part of the event was the fact that there was a draw between the Blue and Red teams.

15 May 2009

Why enroll your children at EIM?

Why enroll your children at EIM?

1. Portuguese and English have equal importance
2. Ten hours per week devoted to Portuguese core subjects (Matemática, Língua Portuguesa, Estudo do Meio)
3. Ten hours per week devoted to English core subjects (Mathematics, Language, History, Geography, Science) Other subjects: Computers, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library. Optional: Supervised homework, swimming, catered 3 course meals, Catechism classes.
4. All Primary children follow both Portuguese and English curricula.
5. Primary classes are never combined for core subjects
6. Both English and Portuguese are taught in : the Crèche the Nursery the Pre-school the Primary (1º ciclo)
7. Proficiency in Portuguese is proved by allowing our pupils to write the Provas de Aferição, the Standardized, National, Portuguese annual examination
8. Proficiency in English is proved by allowing our pupils to write the Federation of European Schools English First Language external examination.
9. No other private or government school in Madeira follows 2 curricula in all core subjects.
10. Escola Internacional da Madeira offers a very strong foundation, starting at four months in the International Boutique Crèche, up to the end of Primary 4 (Primeiro Ciclo).
11. Some past pupils have graduated from EIM and have gone into both government and private schools, have excelled as the best in their class, in their new schools. A few examples in Madeiran schools reported back to us are: Quinty van der Gaag, Inês Quintas, Deandra de Freitas. In an International school in Lisbon, Yasmin Miles and Gabriella Hansen were allowed to skip a year because the standard at EIM was found to be higher than the standard of the International School in Lisbon.
12. Intellectually, highly gifted pupils are offered extension work and there is remedial support for pupils who need it.
13. Only eight children are accepted into the Crèche classes
14. Only ten children are accepted into the Nursery, Pre-school and Primary class levels.
15. Socially and emotionally: EIM pupils are taught tolerance and understanding of those who are culturally different. Politeness, towards each other and adults, is emphasized. Good table manners are encouraged at every meal.
16. “Veritas” is our motto. It is the Latin for “Truth”. Parents are told the truth, and only the truth, about the progress of their children. The importance of honesty and reliability are taught to the children.

24 April 2009

Primary re-opens for summer term 2009

Primary school re-opened today and the children arrived to find that during the Easter holdays the teachers had painted beautiful scenic pictures on the walls, with flowers flourishing, butterflies flying and Disney characters parading. The children were delighted. They were also very excited by the two new life size perceptual development games,"Four in a row" and "Apples in line".

14 April 2009

Catechism classes

With permission from Dom António Carrilo, the Bishop of Funchal, Catechism classes will commence being taught at the International School of Madeira / Escola Internacional da Madeira, on Friday, 17 April, by Drª Dina Gonçalves. The classes will take place after school hours in the afternoon. Children will be prepared for their First Communion in Primary 3. Primary 1 and 2 pupils will also have Catechism classes.

14 April 2009

New International Creche Boutique

In November 2007 The International School of Madeira expanded by adding two Crèche age levels. Crèche One accepts children from 4 months to 17 months and Crèche Two ranges from 18 months to two and a half years. Eight children are accpted into each crèche and the unique feature about our Crèche is that all the babies are constantly exposed to both English and Portuguese and as soon as they begin to talk, they speak both Portuguese and English. Following this they have automatic acccess to the International Nursery, Pre-school and Primary. More information about the International Crèche Boutique, with photographs will soon be available on our website.

13 April 2009

Expanded accommodation

The International School of Madeira has expanded its accommodation from Calçada do Pico Nº5 to Nº3 and also to Nº7. We now have 15 rooms, which includes a solarium and an under-cover out-door play area with a much larger playground. However, our teacher - pupil ratio remains at 10 pupils per class. Each class has a fully qualified English teacher as well as a fully qualified Portuguese teacher and a Computer teacher. All subjects such as Mathematics, Language, History, Geography, Science and Computers are taught in both languages. We follow an English Curriculum as well as the Portuguese National Curriculum.

13 April 2009

New staff and building renovation

In September 2005 we welcomed Mrs Florença from Australia and Prof. Leonor onto our EIM staff. Each of our Primary classes now has a separate classroom. There are five fully qulified and well experienced teachers as well as a specialised computer teacher, a music teacher and an assistant, working in the Primary Department. In the Pre-school department we have three well qualified teachers. The shcool building has undergone renovation and reconstruction, with very pleasing results to brighten the lives of all who learn and teach at EIM.

18 November 2005

Graduation 2004/05

On 27 June Escola Internacional da Madeira celebrated the End of Year Graduation Concert. The graduants were Inês Quintas, Carolina Silva and Freddie Bayntun. The teachers did a splendid job of decorating the Library and preparing the children for the event. A delightful concert was enjoyed by all the parents, grand-parents, relations and friends. Thanks to all our enthusiastic and friendly parents, this was followed by a superb barbeque in the garden.

6 April 2005

Anniversary & Sports Day

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of the school we prepared for the Sports Day. So on a rainy Friday afternoon we held our Sports Day in the huge hall of Quinta do Choupana, owned by Simon and Isabel Phelps, the parents of one of our pupils. It was a last minute decision to go ahead in spite of the rain. Well the children had a wonderful time and the hall echoed with enthusiastic shouts of encouragement for team members. There were many amusing moments watching the Nursery and Preps as well as fun-filled competitive Primary events. We ended with the Primary Endurance Olympic sprint.

5 April 2005

Pao por Deus

This is a typical Madeiran custom, which we celebrate in our own unique way. At the end of October, all the children bring their Pão por Deus bags to school, filled with nuts, bread, fruit and sweets. A member of the public is invited to tell the children a little about the orphans in Madeira, after which they are asked whether they would like to offer the orphans something out of their bags. Our children are always extremely generous. After this "Community Awareness" ceremony they sing a few songs and play some traditional games.

5 April 2005

Christmas Carols Concert

The high-light of Term 1 was the Christmas Carols Concert held in the beautiful, historic church of Santa Clara. Every child had at least one family member in the audience, not to mention those who had grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and god-parents. During the last carol the children fetched the toys they had broght, to give to the orphanage and placed them on the steps of the altar. The all sang like angels in both Portuguese and English and then joined the parents and teachers on the terrace of the cloister, for the Christmas party afterwards.

5 April 2005

Visitor: Dr Joao Baptista

Eng. João Baptista Pereira Silva visited Escola Internacional da Madeira today, 20 May 2002. He kept even the youngest children enthralled during his talk about the natural rock formation of the Archipelago of Madeira. He showed specimens of various types of rocks and sand from different parts of the world. The teachers were most interested in his collection and description of precious and semi-precious stones. The children sang their well practised Rock song for him and asked ever so many questions. Who knows what kinds of seeds were planted in those young absorbent minds today!

20 May 2002

The first 3 weeks of 2002/2003

Escola Internacional da Madeira opened with a record number of children. The very smart new school uniform has been inaugurated this year for the first time. All our teachers from last year are back with us and we have employed a fully qualified music teacher this year. She is Prof. Lucinda and has many years of experience. She will be entering our school for the CAEB music festival this academic year. Our two fully qualified Pre-school teachers, Mrs. Pinto and Miss Pereira are in charge of the Nursery and Pre-school while Prof.Mª José and Mrs Armstrong Teixeira run the Primay Departments. Our assistant, Miss Rodrigues has also returned and so has our cleaner, Dª Isabel. We have also started swimming lessons with Clube Naval, twice a week. The bus fetches our pupils and brings them back to school after their lessons. One of our teachers accompanies our pupils on the bus and watches them being taught by the swimming teachers at Clube Naval. The catering firm continues delivering delicious lunches for our children. We have aquired lovely new mattresses for Nursery nap times and have also bought each child a sensible large bib to be used at all meal times, so that their smart new uniform can be kept clean. All children from age 3 to 10 have regular computer classes every week. From 4:30 to 5:30 Monday to Thursday, we offer extra English lessons to children attending Portuguese schools.

6 October 2002

Holiday activities

Apart from all the Nursery activities during the holidays, we have had the the painters, carpenters and removal men in. The office is now downstairs and the library and TRC (Teachers' Resouce Centre) is on the second floor, closer to the classrooms and well centralised, computerised and organised!

14 April 2002