Letter from a parent - primary 2

Prezada Sra. Teixeira,

Eu e o meu marido desejamos lhe agradecer por ter acolhido nossa filha Clara Dejean durante estes últimos 2 anos!

Quantos progressos ela realizou, quantas coisas aprendeu e quanto se desenvolveu intelectualmente e humanamente em vossa escola!

Infelizmente temos que partir mas, deixamos aqui registado todo o nosso carinho e o nosso muito obrigada!

Com estima,

Elza, Nicolas e Clara
Junho 2013

Letter from a parent - primary 2

"Escola Internacional da Madeira has exceeded all our expectations. It is truly unique in a sense that teachers there appreciate and encourage individuality without compromising discipline. The atmosphere is very warm, it feels like a closely-knit family and the universally respected head of that family knows how to be loving but strict and demanding at the same time!

We were amazed by the quick change we noticed in our granddaughter just a few months after she joined the school.  The main striking difference was the sea-change in her attitude towards work.  She still has a long way to go – she is quite a personality really, not the easiest child to teach - but that’s the whole point why we are in Madeira with her and why she is attending the school!  We are very much encouraged by what has been happening to her there and hope that in the new year she will achieve even more. My wife and I very often marvel how lucky we were to find out about Escola Internacional da Madeira!"

Andrei Ostalski
02 September 2012

Letter from a parent - primary 3

"My Daughter (7) joined this wonderful school midway during Year 2. Within a month of joining, she began to read and write effortlessly and her manners dramatically improved. Her progress under the watchful and caring eye of Mrs, Teixeira was quite simply astonishing and I can honestly say that she enjoys every minute of her time spent in this school. The EIM sets the standard that all other schools should be judged on. I would have no hesitation in recommending this outstanding school."

Candice Gannon
30 July 2012

Message from Primary 4 2011/2012 parents

"Falo em nome dos Pais e Mães dos alunos da Primary 4 da Escola Internacional da Madeira: da Leonor, do Luis Miguel, do João Pedro, do Alex e do António e faço-o para agradecer em 1º lugar à escola pelo apoio que deu a estes alunos ao longo da sua formação.

Foram anos muito importantes para desenvolvimento destes alunos e relevantes para a criação de uma base solida de formação, educação, cidadania e cultura. E com certeza que o que levarão daqui permanecerá para sempre nos seus corações…

Mais em particular, gostariamos de agradecer:
•       A todas as auxiliares da escola que acompanharam estas crianças essencialmente nas componentes não lectivas;
•       Ao Senhor Teixeira pelo apoio que foi dado às crianças, e especialmente aos pais, em momentos de logistica mais complicada (ex quando o carro estava mal estacionado e os outros apitavam porque queriam passar!!)
•       às professoras de Português que tão bem os prepararam: as professoras São, Andreia e Carla
•       às professoras de Inglês que os conduziram no admirável mundo anglo saxonico: Ms Pinto, Ms Tania, Ms Jenny
•       e por ultimo, e porque os ultimos são os primeiros, à Mrs Teixeira pela dedicação e qualidade do ensino que proporcionou a estes alunos

Esta escola foi a opção deste Pais que com certeza têm como uma das suas maiores apostas, a educação dos seus filhos pois acreditam que, tal como John F. Kennedy – 35º Presidente dos EUA – dizia: "Vamos pensar na educação como meio de desenvolvimento das nossas maiores capacidades, porque, em cada um de nós há uma esperança e um sonho que, quando realizado, pode ser traduzido em benefício para todos e numa maior força para a nossa nação."

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA"

Patrícia Dantas de Caires
29 June 2012

Letter from a past pupil

Sofia, aged 5

Dear Mrs Teixeira,

Hello! I was really pleased to go to school on Friday and talk to you, since we hadn't talked for a long time. Maybe you are wondering about the reason for my writing this letter to you. But the answer is easy…

Yesterday I was watching television and I suddenly remembered that on the 5th of March is your birthday, so I opened my computer and wrote a letter for you, with the main objective to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are having a great time with your students and the other teachers and also a wonderful day, full of joy and happiness at school.

Besides that, I wanted to thank you for turning all students that have attended your school, into the people we are today. You have made us excellent people and we are all proud of that. In fact, you can also be proud of it because all of us have learnt lots of things with you, from education to English.

Finally, I would like to wish you again a Happy Birthday and tell you that all the work and time you have put into the International School, was worth it. Never ever forget that all the students you have, truly love you and the great amount of them that you will still have, also love you. The ones you saw growing up and are now at other schools or even at university, will never forget you, and the wonderful moments passed at EIM… And as Lucy Larcom once said "Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come".

With lots of love from your student,

Sofia Vasconcelos

March 2012

Letter from a parent

This is an extract from a letter which came from a parent whose contract expired in Madeira. The family is returning to Brazil and we at EIM are also sorry to say good bye to them.

"Dear Mrs Teixeira, I am writing just to confirm to you that after two lovely years in Madeira we will be leaving Portugal next July, on the 11th. I would like to sincerely thank specially you and all the EIM staff for the outstanding dedication and care with Rian during the last two years. He has grown a lot, learned a lot and became a much more mature and responsible boy. The EIM was important not only for the learning but also to built and shape his character in this International and challenging environment. Needless to say he had a great time at school and made good friends. I am sure he will remember the EIM days for a long time.

Cristiano Roth"
25 June 2003

About Thelma Teixeira, the EIM principal from a previous "boss"

The following is an extract from a letter written by Mrs Ana Le Roux, former principal of the Worcester Girls Primary School in Worcester, South Africa. Thelma Teixeira, the principal of EIM was a teacher at her school in the early 1980's and 20 years later Mrs LeRoux writes the following about Mrs Teixeira.

"I always regarded you as one of the best teachers and most dedicated on my staff. Mr Steyn, (the Inspector of Education) shared that with me. He truly had a high opinion of you as person and educator. I realise that others must have been envious of your innovation. Some teachers stick to the curriculum, but don't have the driving in them for enrichment - you have it all."

The original letter is in the office of EIM.

18 November 2005