Sara in Pre-school and Ines in Primary

The system used to report progress for pupils in the Primary classes is on a percentage (%) scale. To pass into a higher class at the end of the academic year pupils have to achieve at least 50%.

There are three terms in the academic year and at the end of each term a report is issued. Primary 3 and 4 pupils maintaining an average below 50% will receive academic warning at the end of the first two terms.

- Term One starts in September and ends with the Christmas holidays.

- Term Two starts in January and ends with the Easter holidays.

- Term Three starts after the Easter holidays and ends at the end of June with the summer holidays.

- When we accept pupils into the Nursery and Pre-school they are always open except during the month of August and Portuguese public holidays.

Nursery and Pre-school pupils will receive reports focused on their physical, perceptual and intellectual development in relation to their age at the end of each term.