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If a pupil is to be absent from school, a parent or guardian must notify the school each morning of the absence before 9:00am.
After one or two days of absence, the pupil must, upon return to school, bring a note, which has been signed by the parent or guardian, stating the reason for the absence.
After three days of absence a doctor’s certificate of clearance is required before returning to school. In the event of a special occasion or other related absence, parents may phone the school beforehand to ask if a pupil may be excused. Otherwise, full, punctual attendance is expected.
In the event of an absence of more than one day, the parent or guardian should arrange to come to school to pick up work for the pupil to complete at home.

We encourage parents to consider the valuable interactions that pupils experience daily in their classrooms. Due to the importance of this, we ask that you refrain from taking your children on holiday or traveling during scheduled class days.
Unnecessary absence puts a strain on both pupils and teachers.
It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to consider the needs of the child when arranging travel plans.
Pupils missing lengthy amounts of time will be asked to do what may be necessary, including hiring a tutor at parent’s expense to catch up the work that was missed.