The enjoyable environment of the Portuguese class

The low pupil-teacher ratio at The International School of Madeira ensures that pupils will have an opportunity to interact with all of the teachers and teacher-assistants. Teachers and teacher-assistants are selected to be a part of the faculty at this school because of their qualifications, enthusiasm, concern, inspiration, fairness and leadership abilities. In addition to instruction in the classroom, they will be role models offering help and guidance along the way.

The Principal and Administrator are vital parts of our school as well as the community. Interaction with them will be an invaluable tool in learning the importance of being fully involved in the school and community.

Individual Parent-Teacher meetings and general PTA meetings are scheduled on the yearly calendar.
There are three general PTA meetings per year scheduled on the second Tuesday of each term.

Questions about Escola Intenacional da Madeira should be directed to the office.